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Buy BLR on DODO liquidity pool BUSD / BLR 0x734c5dc36393ee8ea4389f415fd59b4990ce46da

Make money with BLR

Add your busd erc20 to the liquidity pool and earn on all exchanges

How to add BLR token to your metamask wallet? Where to buy BLR coin?

Install a metamask wallet Add binance smart chainNetwork name: SmartChainNewRPC URL: 56Symbol: BNBURL block explorer: Add custom BLR tokenContract – 0x734c5dc36393ee8ea4389f415fd59b4990ce46da Where to buy BLR token? Fill your wallet with the required amount in BNB (Binance smart chain) Go to the pool of liquidity Select a trading pairBNB – BLR(specify token address –…
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What is BLR cryptocurrency

Central Belarussian cryptocurrency. BLR coin is a modern secure cryptocurrency. From a professional team of developers. Reliable secure transfers, a great way to invest and earn money. Join in. By buying BLR token you secure your future.

Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

Installing and configuring MetaMask MetaMask can be downloaded in Chrome and Firefox, from your phone in iOS and on Android. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll use the Firefox version, but the instructions will be about the same for each platform. First, go to the MetaMask download page. Choose the platform you’re using and…
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How to use MetaMask

MetaMask will allow you to connect to decentralized applications (DApps) directly from your browser (or through a mobile app). You can make transactions without intermediaries and play various games with fully transparent source code (so you’ll be sure you haven’t been scammed). Check out the guide to get started with the extension! Introduction The creation…
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Buy cryptocurrency BLR

Available to buy through the purse metamask on exchanges trading pair BUSD – BLRpurchase is available only after adding the coin contract number to your metamask wallet (or similar) 0x734c5dc36393ee8ea4389f415fd59b4990ce46da Binance Smart Chain

Our Binance Smart Chain contract


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